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Your Sokai© gel pouch is delivered in an envelope, with a reusable cotton pouch.

Our pouches are the only ones on the market to guarantee you 1 hour of constant cold.

Discover also our range of underwear specially developed to accommodate our gel pockets.

Thanks to Sokai, enjoy the benefits of the cold through gentle cryotherapy at home.

Our products have the Label Origine France Garantie.

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Thanks to Sokai, discover the 7 natural benefits of cold on your body:

Les poches de gel Sokai régulent votre température corporelles.
Regulates the temperature
Les poches de gel Sokai aident à éliminer les toxines
Eliminates toxins
Les poches de gel Sokai améliorent l'aspect de votre peau.
Improves skin aspect
Les poches de gel Sokai agissent sur le poids
Acts on the weight
Les poches de gel Sokai contribuent à un meilleur sommeil
Contributes to a better sleep
Les poches de gel Sokai réduisent les bouffées de chaleur
Reduced the gusts hot
Les poches de gel Sokai favorisent la récupération après l'effort
Favorite recovery post-exercise

Sokai underwear is designed to accommodate the gel pouch, with an absorbent fabric designed to capture moisture.

In addition to being technical, our underwear is also made in a French workshop and we use Calais lace and embroidered elastics to sublimate it. In partnership with a French laboratory, we have developed our gel pouch with the longest duration of cold on the market.

The gel in this pouch has been specially developed to provide a diffuse cold for one hour and the pouch remains flexible even when frozen.

Discreet, comfortable and ergonomic, the Sokai gel pouch is perfectly adapted to daily use:

Place the pocket in your freezer in a cool place

Cool your pocket, 1 hour in your freezer.

Tuck it into your underwear SŌKAI adapted for 1 hour.

Renew the pocket after one hour.

Repeat the operation again with a fresh pocket for 1 hour.

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