1 -What are Detox Baths (or Derivative Baths)?

For any question on Detox Baths, please visit our website’s CONCEPT page.

2- What is the Sōkai gel pack and why use it?

For any question on the design of the gel pack, please go to the website www.sokai.fr

3- How do I use the Sōkai gel pack?

The gel pack should be placed in the freezer, in an airtight box (for 1 hour minimum). When you take the gel pack out of the freezer, slide it to the bottom of the inside pocket of the specially designed undergarment. You will find illustrations on the www.sokai.fr website.

Keep the gel pack in place as long as you feel the freshness. Remove it as soon as you can no longer feel the freshness and replace it with a new one.

4- How can I clean the SŌKAI gel pack?

The gel pack should be washed regularly by hand with soapy water and dried with a soft cloth or paper towel.

5- How long does the SŌKAI gel pack last for?

A well-maintained gel pack will last at least as long as your undergarment.

6- What is the SŌKAI gel pack made of?

A non-toxic, food-grade, cellulose-based gel contained in a plastic bag.

7- In the event of a leak, is there any danger?

The product is not toxic, it does not stain. The gel is food grade. Rinse with water and discard the damaged product.

8- Are Detox Baths a medicine?

NO, it’s a lifestyle practice.

9- Can the SŌKAI gel pack be used as medical treatment?

The gel pack is not a medicine, it must not exempt you from seeing a doctor. It’s your body doing the work. If you have any medical questions, please see a doctor.

10- What size is the SŌKAI gel pack?

The ergonomically shaped gel pack measures 18 cm in length and 10 cm in its widest parts.

11- Who is the SŌKAI gel pack for?

It is unisex, ergonomic and therefore adapted to this part of the body. It is therefore suitable for everyone: women, men and children.

12- Why should I use the SŌKAI undergarment?

The undergarment prevents direct contact with the cold. Thus, you get a soft and pleasant freshness and it also allows the gel pack to be maintained in place while moving. By providing you with more comfort, it also protects your gel pack.

13 – What is included in the SŌKAI box set?

The SŌKAI box set for men and women includes: 2 undergarments, 3 gel packs and a user manual.